Social Change and Development

ISSN 0975–4016

Social Change and Development is published bi-annually by OKD Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati

The journal intends to provide an academic platform to scholars belonging to the the northeastern region of India as well as outside to project issues focused particularly on the region, express their views and analyse the issues putting them in proper perspective, both historically and as guidelines for the future. However, issues cutting across the region’s border are also welcome.

The unique diversity of the region in terms of ethnicity, culture, language and social institutions makes the region a challenging area of study for the researchers. Although, there has been a prolific growth of literature on the region, it is, still lacking discussions with academic rigour. It is therefore, strongly felt that the social scientists would take up issues for academic debate and the journal acts as a platform for the exercise. This is expected to create a better understanding amongst the people of the region and the rest of the country. The geographical seclusion of the region from the rest of the country is sought to be broken through vibrant academic interactions.

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Chief Editor Editorial Advisory Board
Bhupen Sarmah Annada Charan Bhagabati
Managing Editor Atul Sarma
Kalyan Das Madhura Swaminathan
Editorial Board Madhurya Prasad Bezbaruah
Bhupen Sarmah Ravi Duggal
Kalyan Das Sajal Nag
Saswati Choudhury Samir Kumar Das
Joydeep Baruah Sobhanlal Dutta Gupta
Arunima Deka Tiplut Nongbri
Akshay Jyoti Sharma Udayan Misra
Monjit Borthakur Vibhuti Patel
Joseph K Lalfakzuala Editorial Assistant
Circulation in-charge Biswa Ranjan Sharma
Rustam Ali
  • Current Issue

    VOL XVI (January 2019)
    • Citizens of the World but Non-Citizens of the State: The Curious Case of Stateless People with Reference to International Refugee Law  Kajori Bhatnagar
      | Download |
    • The Paradox of Autonomy in the Darjeeling Hills: A Perception Based Analysis on Autonomy Aspirations Biswanath Saha, Gorky Chakraborty
      | Download |
    • BJP and Coalition Politics: Strategic Alliances in the States of Northeast Shubhrajeet Konwer
      | Download |
    • A Study of Sub-National Finance with Reference to Mizoram State in Northeast  Vanlalchhawna
      | Download |
    • MGNREGS in North Eastern States of India: An Efficiency Analysis Using Data Envelopment Analysis Pritam Bose, Indraneel Bhowmik
      | Download |
    • Tribal Politics in Assam: From line system to language problem Juri Baruah
      | Download |
    • A Situational Analysis of Multidimensional Poverty for the North Eastern States of India using Household Level Data Niranjan Debnath, Salim Shah
      | Download |
    • Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan: Findings from an Empirical Analysis  Monjit Borthakur, Joydeep Baruah
      | Download |
    • Monastic Order: An Alternate State Regime Anisha Bordoloi
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